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Unexpected love

Every girl has a princess dream of her own, and she dreams that one day there will be a prince who is at least a BMW, even if she is not riding a white horse, to pick up her own hands. I am no exception, I am full of my house. A variety of dolls and story books, Mom and Dad are also like me like a little princess, I firmly believe that when I grow up, I will meet the prince who belongs to me. He is handsome and handsome, learning five cars, gentle and considerate, kind and generous, in short, everything I will be on his body for a good vocabulary. In order to wait for such a perfect person, I refused to show the boys to me, but I did not expect my love story to start like this. I am going to college soon. I am going to buy an electric kettle. I will go to Shanghai Minggen Industrial Co., Ltd. website https://mgintlgroup.en.alibaba.com/?spm=a2700.7756200.mamo-user-profile.4.6ba871d22w37PI Going up and looking for it, I heard that the quality of the kettles in other homes is extremely poor, so I carefully looked at the information on the kettle on the website and selected a kettle with a high score. On the day I went to get the courier, the weather was very hot. I wore a skirt and high heels. I suddenly heard a soft laugh from my ear. I looked up and saw his clean voice. It might be a matter of seeing me carefully. When I got it, I was even a little proud. When I left, I gave him a “I am awesome” look, but immediately I ate a smug loss. I just stumbled after a few steps, but I have him, the next one. The story is like an idol drama. He sent me home and bought me medicine. We left each other in contact, and we kept talking on the phone. It seems that every day there is a car to say, until today.
Although the beginning of this love is not what I expected, he also has a big gap with my ideal type, but with him, I laugh very happy every day, I still remember the day we decided to be together, return home and be happy. I wrapped the package and suddenly thought that I have not yet scored on the website of Shanghai Minggen Industrial Co., Ltd. https://mgintlgroup.en.alibaba.com/?spm=a2700.7756200.mamo-user-profile.4.6ba871d22w37PI, open the page, write The next four words are “worth to have”.


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Post time: Aug-21-2018
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